Saturday, March 7, 2009

the miracle chance of life

Its about my teribble weekend...6th Mac 2009,another date to be rememberd in my life. My aunty/chithi and her family was traveling back to Kedah to perform some prayers turn up to be a tragic journey as they meet with an accident at the north south high way....the rexton that they travelled rolled for five times before fallin into the roadside....i got shock of my life wen receive the cal from my uncle...the first thought that came to my mind was my cousins ragulan n vinita....but i was relief when i heard that none of them were injured....its a reall miracle!!!!!!!!!this kind of situations that prove us that God is really great!!!! Bt the rexton that they travelled was badly damage!!!!!!'kadavulae kadavulae'.....
i just cant imagine the shock that would have couse my chiti and her family during the incident....she told me that she cant even sleep last just kile a dream..things happen too fast than v think..


  1. isk3..
    ape mksd tue??

  2. kadavulae tue....Oh My GOD lar eky.....