Saturday, March 7, 2009

the miracle chance of life

Its about my teribble weekend...6th Mac 2009,another date to be rememberd in my life. My aunty/chithi and her family was traveling back to Kedah to perform some prayers turn up to be a tragic journey as they meet with an accident at the north south high way....the rexton that they travelled rolled for five times before fallin into the roadside....i got shock of my life wen receive the cal from my uncle...the first thought that came to my mind was my cousins ragulan n vinita....but i was relief when i heard that none of them were injured....its a reall miracle!!!!!!!!!this kind of situations that prove us that God is really great!!!! Bt the rexton that they travelled was badly damage!!!!!!'kadavulae kadavulae'.....
i just cant imagine the shock that would have couse my chiti and her family during the incident....she told me that she cant even sleep last just kile a dream..things happen too fast than v think..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the challenge is :

1) go to your picture holder in your computer.

2) go to 6th folder of photos

3) go to 6th picture of that folder* put the picture on your blog n description of it..*

invite six friends to join the challenge..

this is wat in my sixth folder and my sixth photo...well it my little cousin Vinita during her 3rd birthday party last year....the cute bot beside her is one of my aunty's freinds son...she is ova concern on him n tried her well best to post fot this shot....

im back!!!!

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrreeeeeeeee im back 2 action...its has been so long i didn't post any blog after ma 1st blog of introducing myself...banyak sangat keje lar(helah bela diri).actually my internet access is quite limited this to all my frens yang bengang dengan i am to cheer up ur days with my blog!!!!!!

so sepanjang beberapa minggu ini,there have been so many things that took part in my daily routine...macam-macam yang berlaku.but i dowana list down everything since semua dah outdated! cakap yg recently aje lar ye... Badminton match among our class!!! well at first i should congragulate ma miss alice and aneem for winning the doubles match!!!!!! im proud of u guys as the opponent team.....Overall thanks to hakim coz organized this match.atleat adalah peluang for me to play badminton after such a long break! seriously speaking i dun even remember the last time i played badminton...itupun with ma this is the first time i palyed with ma frens here.It will be my memorable badminton match i guess...thanks to all my coursemates!!!!!
special thanks to my teammates odete for being a very enthusiatic and syed for nagging me through out the game...anyway i enjoyed all of it...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

introducing me......

Well...sebenarnya aku tak taw nak taip wif sharks able to do so...thanks sharky. sebenarnya aku nie tak rajin manaip0naip blog dengan arahan dan permintaan my ketua kuliah and my gorgeous naziha,im here creating and typing my blog....ok i take dis opportunity to thank those who involve in helping me with these things...of course syakira for her guidance....odette for her noise and her zai's smell...and others yang terlibat secara tidak langsung.....